About Luckiemark

"A fashion accessory that makes a mark."

It's one of those ideas that is so obvious, once you've seen it, that you can't believe someone didn't think of it ages ago.

It's a magnetic golf marker -- and it's a beautiful decorative pin.

The company is called Luckiemark, and you won't be surprised when you hear there is a woman behind it. Liz Smith. Actually, more than one woman. Liz's daughters have helped her since the beginning, and one, Jensen, is Luckiemark's lead designer."

"One of the things that got us excited about your pins is that they are so unique." (www.womengolfapparrel.com, Jun 2009, Kirsten)

From Liz: I'm an avid golfer, I love jewelry, and I thought a little something on my collar would lift my spirits on the golf course. I did some research - this was starting in 2001 -- and didn't see any jewelry for golfers. Then I did some patent research and discovered that there were no pins for golf. I decided to design my own, and make it a ball marker, too. My daughter helped me draw the ladybug, I found a jeweler to make a prototype, and I loved the results!

Luck and attitude are such a big part of golf. So we went with a "lucky ladybug" to start the business. Placing those pretty red wings down on the green to mark your ball does indeed lift your spirits and inspire a good putt.

I needed to find out if anyone else liked the idea of wearing a lucky ladybug on the course. So I lined up a manufacturer and rented a booth at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. To my delight, anyone passing my booth stopped to look. When you show someone how different the ball marker is and that it is a piece of jewelry, the response is always positive. The response was so positive that we went ahead with a butterfly pin that same year.

Luckiemarks are unique. In fact, we have a patent pending on them. Our pins are also more flexible than hat clips. You can pin them onto your hat, but you can also pin them on your shirt, or a skirt/skort that doesn't have pockets. Luckiemark pins are secure, so they can't slide off a hat or shirt. The magnets are also very strong. It's easy to slide the wings or petals off the base, but when they're not in use, they stay put. I've been jogging with an original ladybug on my hat for four years now, and it's still there. I took one of those "yardsale" tumbles skiing in Park City. The ladybug remained intact, even though the hat was off my head!

The ball marker pins have been a great success for Womens' Opening Day and Member-Guest events. I enthusiastically support all "Golf for the Cure" events.

Luckiemark continues to add new designs for the pins. Clubs and Resorts asked for a pin they could put their logo on. You can now put your own logo on a Luckiemark pin (Jan 2011).

Luckiemark remains a family run business. Sons, Colton and Bradley, do all the marketing. Daughter, Jensen, is lead designer. Daughter, Kyleigh, works in production and finance. We all enjoy playing golf and working on golf business together. Thank goodness for talented children!

Pin On A Little Luck!